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Miyako Island (Miyako-jima) – Okinawa

Miyako Island (Miyako-jima) – Okinawa

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Miyakojima is an island that belongs to Okinawa Prefecture and features a warm climate to the extent there is a day to spend with T - shirts even in December.

The sea which shines woven with the vegetation peculiar to subtropics such as mangrove and banyan growing in Miyakojima where the nature still remains untouched, and the gradation from the beach to spectacular splendor have different beauty from other islands.

Such Miyakojima has plenty of opportunities to fully enjoy the beautiful sea. Scuba diving, where you can see colorful coral reefs in transparent sea, and snorkeling, where you can see sea creatures such as tropical fishes, are popular in Miyakojima sightseeing.

Of course not only Nature but also many spots that can be touched upon the culture and history of the Ryukyu Kingdom period.

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