Tokashiki Island ( Tokashikijima ) – Okinawa

Tokashiki Island ( Tokashikijima ) – Okinawa

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Tokashiki Island is located about 32 km west from Naha city. It is the biggest island in the Kerama islands.

There are 10 large and small uninhabited islands such as Mae Island, Kamiyama Island, Nagannu Island, Kuro Island, Gishibu Island and others around Tokashiki Island. This surrounding area boasts a transparency of 50 to 60 meters in depth, the beauty of one of the world's best seas Is called "Kerama Blue". For that reason, it is famous as mecca of marine sports, especially scuba diving is popular. Many divers are visiting from home and abroad every year.

Approximately 60% of the corals that have been confirmed in Japan are inhabited, and those wonderful corals are worth seeing even if you are not a diver.


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