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Kudaka Island ( Kudakajima ) – okinawa

Kudaka Island ( Kudakajima ) – okinawa

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Kudaka island called "the island of God" is a sacred island that entire island is regarded as holy land. It is said that God had come down from heaven and to have started having made nation from here. This island, where faith and tradition has been protected from the Ryukyu dynasty to the present age, is one of Japan's most sacred sites.

Kudaka Island located in the southeastern part of the main island of Okinawa is not a tourist destination unlike Ishigaki Island, Miyako Island and Kerama islands where many tourists visit, but there are reasons for that. Kudaka island is thought to be a sacred God of the Islands where the priests were taken during the Ryukyu dynasty.

Unlike other remote islands in Okinawa, the entire island is cherished as a sacred land. There is not a convenience store, as well as a barber shop and entertainment facilities. Before you go on sightseeing on the island, you need actions that keep rules and manner.


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