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Shuri Castle – Okinawa

Shuri Castle – Okinawa

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Before the Second world war, Shuri castle was designated as a national treasure, including the main hall built in the 1700s, but all the Gusuku buildings were burned down by the war. After that Shuri castle was restored as a national park in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Okinawa’s return to the mainland in 1992.

Shuri Castle is a large national park with its main hall set as the center.
There are paid areas and free areas in the park, and tours such as the main hall are paid area.

It is located on a hill where you can overlook the city of Naha, it is also a scenic spot. In addition to the main shrine, you can visit valuable historical cultural assets registered as World Cultural Heritage as "Gusuku and related heritage group of the Ryukyu Kingdom".

Its brilliant appearance that is colored with vermillion is a brave figure conveying the history of the kingdom, the breath of culture, it can be said that it is the symbol itself of Okinawa.

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