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Shibu Onsen – Nagano

Shibu Onsen – Nagano

There are many sources of hot springs in Shibu Onsen that hot water will soon come out as soon as digging the ground. Nagano Prefecture is said to be the kingdom of hot springs, boasting abundant hot springs and quality. All of Shibu Onsen inn and large public baths are "Gensenkakenagashi (Natural hot spring  100%, no boiling, no additives)". We do not recycle or re-boil at all. The natural hot spring constantly flows in the bathtub and keeps the temperature and cleanliness.

Because the ingredients are different according to hot springs, you can enjoy hot springs that spring up from the ground such as white cloudy ones, brownish ones with a lot of iron, greenish ones, colorless and transparent. Efficacy of hot springs varies from neuralgia to beautiful skin. Please enjoy hot springs according to purpose and physical condition.



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