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Ie Island (Iejima)- Okinawa

Ie Island (Iejima)- Okinawa

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Ie Island is 9 km off the northwest from Motobu Peninsula in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa. Ie Island is shaped like a peanut of special products of the island.

Gusukuyama (commonly known as Iejima Touchu) with an altitude of 172 meters to the east of the center of the island is a symbol of the island. You can see Kouri Island and Min-na Island from the elevator of Churaumi Aquarium.

There is an airfield on Ie Island. However, it is an airport where private use is impossible. The airfield made during the war was Okinawa's largest and became one of the fierce battlegrounds in Okinawa war. After the war the majority of the island became a military place for the US military. Even now, the west side of the island is still prohibited to enter this area as it is a training center for US military aircraft.

A flower garden of 1 million lilies that will see the best time in the Golden Week season every year is spectacular. To the "Ie Island Yuri Festival", many people come and go from inside and outside the prefecture.



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