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Kerama Islands – Okinawa

Kerama Islands – Okinawa

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The Kerama Islands are located 30-40 kilometers north of Naha. The Kerama Islands include some 20 small and large islands, all of which are surrounded by coral reefs and unbelievably transparent seas.

Nagannu Island

Nagannu Island is 15km west of Naha city and is a uninhabited island at Tibishi coral reef. It is located in Kerama Island which is one of the clears ocean in the world. Naganu Island is designated as a special wildlife sanctuary prescribed because it is a breeding ground for migratory birds, mainly terns. In addition, it is also a spawning ground for sea turtles.

The humpback whale

Every year from winter to spring, humpback whales will come to the waters of the Kerama islands. They are coming back to Okinawa warm waters for reproductive activity after eating their abundant bait at the northern seas around the Aleutian Islands in the summer.

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